Death Benefits

To qualify for this benefit the employer and the Scheme must have been notified of your death.

What benefit will my dependents receive?

Your dependants will receive a cash lump sum and a monthly pension. A taxable lump sum multiple of your salary based on your age at date of death, according to the applicable table. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits Poster for the correct multiples table.

Spouse’s Pension

50% of the pension the member would have received at the normal retirement age based on annual pensionable salary at date of death.

Children’s pension

1/3 of spouses’ pension for each child (maximum 3 children) until the child becomes of age.

If no spouse’s/children’s pension is payable, a refund of the member contributions with 8% p.a. compound interest is payable to beneficiaries.

Remember to complete Beneficiary Nomination Form

Although the Trustees will follow your wishes in terms of your nomination of beneficiary form as far as possible, the final decision of who will receive the death benefit rests with the Trustees, who are required in terms of the Pension Funds Act, to ensure that all dependants are considered.

You are reminded to update the nomination of beneficiary forms regularly to prevent any unnecessary delays in the distribution of death benefits.

Please remember

You need to make sure that the amount of cover for death and disability provided through the Scheme is right for you and your family. If you feel it may not be adequate, you may want to buy additional cover outside the Scheme.

Payment of death benefits may take a long time. Make sure that your spouse will have access to funds during this period. Speak to an approved financial advisor to assist you with your financial planning.

Tax affairs must be up to date at all times as any lump sum benefit pay-out due from the Scheme is subject to tax clearance from SARS.

Death After Retirement:

If you purchased a pension from the Scheme:

Your full pension continues for a minimum of 5 years from your date of retirement regardless of whether you pass away during this period.

Thereafter your spouse (spouse at date of retirement) receives 50% of the pension you were receiving or would have been receiving had you not commuted any portion in cash.

A lump sum benefit of R2000.

If you purchased a pension outside the Scheme:

The benefit will depend on the pension you purchased from the registered Insurer.


To qualify for a disability benefit you must be unable to perform your own or similar occupations. Medical evidence to support your claim must be submitted. Benefits are subject to acceptance by the insurer in terms of the policies held in the names of the employers outside the Scheme.

What benefit will I receive?

You will receive 85% of your monthly pensionable salary subject to a maximum monthly benefit of R165 000, paid after a 3 month waiting period.

The disability benefit ceases at the earliest of:

-normal retirement age
-death of a member
-date the insurer rules that disability has ceased.

Income benefits will escalate by CPI per annum during disablement.

Please remember

Whilst you are in receipt of a disability benefit you will remain a full contributing member of the Scheme, which means that you continue to be covered for death in service benefits and will continue to grow your pension benefits.

Income benefits may be reduced or suspended by the Insurer if a member is considered recovered or capable of earning an income.

In the event of an application for disability benefits being unsuccessful, you may opt for one of the withdrawal options above, provided that you have in fact left the service of your employer and qualify for the abovementioned benefits.