As a member of the ISASA Pension Scheme and Provident Fund you are a member of one of the above Funds (as selected by your School):

Pension Scheme Part I (Defined Benefit Pension Fund) or

Pension Scheme Part II (Defined Contribution Pension Fund) or

Provident Fund (Defined Contribution Provident Fund)

Reference is made to the 3 funds on this website. To avoid confusion it is important that you understand to which Fund you belong. Ask your Bursar if you feel unsure.

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What to do with your bonus

For those of you lucky enough it’s that time of year to receive your bonus. You may be tempted to spend it on something fun, but this isn’t the smartest way to handle your bonus. Bonuses aren’t guaranteed and cannot be factored into your annual budget. Becoming too reliant on a bonus can negatively impact …
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The market has been predictably unpredictable

Investors are often told that the stock market is volatile. This is one of its defining characteristics. It is however important to understand exactly what this means. The volatility of the stock market comes out in two distinct ways. The first is that, in the short term, the market is almost entirely unpredictable. The second …
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