As a member of the ISASA Pension Scheme and Provident Fund you are a member of one of the above Funds (as selected by your School):

Pension Scheme Part I (Defined Benefit Pension Fund) or

Pension Scheme Part II (Defined Contribution Pension Fund) or

Provident Fund (Defined Contribution Provident Fund)

Reference is made to the 3 funds on this website. To avoid confusion it is important that you understand to which Fund you belong. Ask your Bursar if you feel unsure.


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Covid-19 – Impacts and relief measures for employers and their employees – OMCC

April 2020 With businesses closed during this lockdown period resulting in cash-flow and income being seriously impacted, many employers are wondering what relief measures are in place for them during this time. The government and the private sector have introduced some programmes and funds that are specifically targeted to assist organisations, employers and employees during …
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Typically Asked Questions & Answers

Why have my retirement fund savings decreased so much? What is the reason for the financial market crisis? Will my retirement fund savings decrease further? Do global financial markets affect my retirement savings? When will markets recover? Should I switch to a different investment portfolio? For more questions with the answers please click below Frequently …
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Letter Old Mutual re Absolute Growth Portfolios

The COVID-19 crisis continues to have a profound impact on financial markets.  In order to protect benefit payments during this unprecedented time, Old Mutual has taken several steps to limit the impact of this crisis on the performance of the Absolute Smooth Growth Portfolio (AGP50) and the Absolute Stable Growth Portfolio (AGP80). For more information …
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South Africa under Lockdown

VALUED PENSIONER Our country is finding itself in unchartered waters following our President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s, declaration of a national state of disaster, and the subsequent announcement of a national lockdown of all the country’s residents (except for essential service providers) which took effect at midnight on 26 March 2020 and continues until 16 April 2020. …
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